Ozone Layer Protection

How you can help to protect the ozone layer?

While the vast majority of ozone depleting substances usage is either industrial or commercial, individuals can help in the following ways:

  • Buy air-conditioning equipment, refrigeration appliances that do not use HCFCs as refrigerant.

  • Buy aerosol products that do not use HCFCs as propellants.

  • Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration appliances to prevent and minimize refrigerant leakage.

  • For existing air-conditioning and refrigeration appliances that operate on HCFCs or CFCs, the refrigerant should be recovered or recycled whenever an overhaul of equipment is to be carried out. Replacing or retrofitting such equipment to operate on non-HCFCs refrigerant should also be considered.

  • When motor vehicle air-conditioners need servicing, make sure that the refrigerants are properly recovered and recycled instead of being vented to the atmosphere.


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