Pilot Green Transport Fund - Membership list of Steering Committee


Pilot Green Transport Fund Steering Committee

Membership (from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019)


Professor Timothy Tong Wai-cheung


Mr Chan Sam-choi
Dr Lawrence Chan Wan-ching
Professor Christopher Chao Yu-hang
Dr Lawrence Cheung Chi-chong
Mr Benny Chu Kwok-ki
Dr Jackson Ho Yee-tak
Professor Dennis Leung Yiu-cheong
Mr Ling Chi-keung
Mr Ng Kwan-sing
Mr Matthew Wong Leung-pak
Representative of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Representative of Environmental Protection Department
Representative of Innovation and Technology Commission
Representative of Transport Department


Principal Environmental Protection Officer (Mobile Source)
Environmental Protection Department
Telephone: 2594 6401
Fax No.: 2827 8040



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