Part 3 - Exemptions applicable to other specified vehicles


The Statutory Ban against Idling of Motor Vehicle Engines  

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The Motor Vehicle Idling (Fixed Penalty) Ordinance comes into effect on December 15, 2011. If a driver causes the engine of an idling vehicle to operate for more than three minutes in aggregate within any 60-minute period, a Traffic Warden or Environmental Protection Inspector may issue a penalty notice to the driver, imposing a fixed penalty of HK$320.

Idling Prohibition - Exemption Arrangements
In view of practical or operational needs, the Ordinance has provided some exemptions for certain conditions.

Exemptions applicable to specified vehicles
Vehicles with specified purposes
Vehicles lawfully designed primarily for a purpose other than carriage of the driver and passengers and their personal effects, and must idle to serve this purpose, are exempted from the idling prohibition. Examples include operating ice cream trucks, street washing vehicles, concrete mixer trucks, refuse collection vehicles, trucks with operating tail boards, tipper lorries and refrigerator trucks.

Exemptions applicable to specified vehicles
Other specified vehicles
Specified medical, emergency or law enforcement vehicles conducting operational activities are exempted from the idling prohibition. These include vehicles used by, for example, the Auxiliary Medical Service, the Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police Force.

Other than in exempted situations specified in the Ordinance, all drivers should remember to switch off idling engines.

Switch off idling engines
Make it a habit.

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