Countryside Conservation

As announced in the Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address, the Government will enhance the conservation of remote areas in the countryside, thereby protecting the natural ecology, revitalising the architectural environment of villages, and conserving cultural resources.  A Countryside Conservation Office (CCO) was established in end July 2018 to coordinate conservation projects that promote sustainable development of remote countryside, and $1 billion has been earmarked for such conservation efforts and revitalisation works.

The Advisory Committee on Countryside Conservation involving stakeholders from different sectors of the community was set up in July 2019 to advise on the priorities for conservation and revitalisation works proposals to be carried out by the CCO, as well as to advise on the policy and operational matters relating to the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme (CCFS).  For more information, please visit here on CCFS.


Countryside Conservation Office

Advisory Committee on Countryside Conservation