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Nature Conservation Management Agreement (MA) projects must contribute to enhancing the ecological or nature conservation of the sites concerned through management agreements between local non-profit-making organisations (NPOs) and landowners and/or tenants. Under these agreements, NPOs may provide landowners and/or tenants with financial incentives in exchange for management rights over their land or their cooperation in enhancing ecological or nature conservation of the priority sites for enhanced conservation, private land in country park enclaves or in country parks.

Formulation of Proposals on Restoration of Built Heritage (BH) projects aim at formulating proposals on how to restore/revitalise the target built heritage, which should include relevant studies that support the feasibility of the proposals. Proposals for funding for the reinstatement/restoration of built heritage that could bring significant benefits to the community and general public will also be considered.

Cultural Rehabilitation / Revitalisation (CR) projects aim at enhancing public appreciation and awareness in cultural conservation of the target cultural assets, which should be unique or representative to the local community of the site under application.

Research Activities (RA) projects on Countryside Conservation and Revitalisation should aim at harnessing the local and/or overseas experience and knowledge and injecting novel solutions and elements to tackle local challenges on remote countryside conservation and revitalisation.

Local NPOs which want to apply for funding support under the CCFS to implement any of the above types of projects in eligible sites can submit the completed Application Form with relevant supporting documents to the Secretariat of the CCFS. Please note the cut-off date of application submission announced in the What's New of the CCFS webpage. Please refer to the Guide to Application (Version 1.6.1, Sep 2022) for the eligible sites for implementation of projects under the CCFS.


Relevant documents for the application:



The previous version of Guide to Application is available here for download for reference.

Guide to Application (Version 1.6, Sep 2022)

Guide to Application (Version 1.5, Feb 2022)

Guide to Application (Version 1.4, Aug 2021)

Guide to Application (Version 1.3, Feb 2021)

Guide to Application (Version 1.2, Sep 2020)

Guide to Application (Version 1.1, May 2020)

Guide to Application (Latest version in October 2019)


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