Guidelines On Design of Noise Barriers

Guidelines On Design of Noise Barriers


  1. Introduction
  2. Design considerations
  3. Aesthetic aspects
  4. Maintenance
  5. Checklist
    5.1 Checklist of Significant Issues
  6. Bibliography / References

5. Checklist

The following are some of the points which should be considered when the Contractor's design is checked :

(i) The intensity for wind load and calculations for acoustic performance.
(ii) The quality of the materials proposed to be incorporated in the barrier, particularly those, if any, that are not included in the Material Specifications.
(iii) That the structural grades of materials used are in accordance with those quoted in the calculations.
(iv) The supply, transportation and storage of noise barrier materials. Workmanship, particularly any pre-installation treatment required and the method of fixing.
(v) That the acoustic properties are maintained by the avoidance of gaps, including gaps due to shrinkage or thermal movement.
(vi) Easy replacement of parts following accidental or wilful damage.
(vii) Security of components and nature of materials used to discourage wilful damage.
(viii) Maintenance access is provided at appropriate location.


5.1 Checklist of Significant Issues

Issues Consideration
A. Effectiveness A1. Is there any opening or gap that would reduce the Transmission Loss?
A2. Is there any residual noise impact at the noise sensitive receivers?
A3. Will the presence of the structure reflect sound excessively?
A4. Is the size and alignment optimized for maximum noise benefit?
B. Structural Integrity B1. Can the design withstand design loading conditions?
B2. Is the probability of fallen parts from the structure minimized by design (e.g. by provision of catching or locking device to prevent fallen parts?
C. Compatibility with the Environment C1. Has visual impact been softened?
C2. Is the design compatible with the characteristics of its immediate environs?
C3. Can the structure be designed to create a positive identity for the neighbourhood?
C4. Is there space allowed for landscape planting?
C5. Is the module of the noise barrier compatible with rhythm of other elements such as street lighting along the road or unit length of parapet of elevated structure?
D. Maintenance D1. Is the material capable of providing a pleasant visual impression by regular maintenance?
D2. Is the design such that it facilitates maintenance, either by machine or by manual labour?
D3. How often will replacement of parts be necessary?
D4. Is there any special requirement for access?
D5. Has a practicable arrangement been agreed with all relevant parties for carrying out maintenance works to vegetated barriers?
E. Safety E1. Will the structure become a hazard upon a crash, or a fire by breaking into splinters or by producing toxic fumes?
E2. Is the design safe on traffic engineering grounds?
E3. Will the structure obstruct fire engine/emergency access?
E4. Has head-light glare been minimized?
F. Ventilation F1. If the structure is an enclosure (or semi-enclosure), has the capability of natural (or forced) ventilation been checked?
F2. If the structure is intended to serve other purposes, has the ventilation load been taken into account?
F3. Is there sufficient space between the noise barrier and the building to enable natural/sufficient ventilation of the lower floors of the building behind the noise barrier?
G. Lighting G1. If the structure is an enclosure, has openings been provided at sidewalls and/or roof to allow daylight penetration in order to save energy cost?
G2. What would be the operation hours of artificial lighting and has it been taken into account in the design?
G3. If the structure is a vertical noise barrier, has recess or adequate space behind or in front of the barrier been allowed for the installation and maintenance of road lighting column?
G4. If the structure has a cantilever arm, will it affect the road lighting system?
H. Installation H1. Is a light weight construction preferred?
H2. Will the method of installation bring about the least amount of traffic congestion?



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