The CNP issued by the Authority in the prescribed form may include such conditions as the Authority considers appropriate, such as the SPME permitted to be used and the PCW permitted to be carried out on the construction site, the hours during which the CNP is valid, the dates of commencement and expiry of the CNP, any noise levels which may not be exceeded at specified locations during specified times and any special noise control measures that must be adopted.

A CNP may be issued for an initial period of such duration as the Authority considers appropriate, and may be renewed before or after the date of expiry for such period or periods and subject to such alterations or new conditions as the Authority considers appropriate.

A CNP may not be issued for construction work which is to be carried out on or within a building which is either:

(a) a Noise Sensitive Receiver (NSR) either wholly or partially in use for its intended purpose at the time of the proposed construction work; or
(b) directly adjoining a building which is a NSR,

such that the noise to be generated by the construction work would be transmitted primarily through the structural elements of the building or buildings and, in the opinion of the Authority, would be likely to cause an adverse noise impact on the NSR.

When giving consideration to the renewal of CNPs pursuant to sections 8 & 8A of the Ordinance the Authority may impose additional conditions or may refuse to renew a CNP having regard to complaints received and other relevant factors, notwithstanding the procedures and guidelines detailed in Section 2 and Annex A.

To assist in enforcement procedures the Authority may include as a condition for all CNPs a requirement for the CNP applicant to ensure that each item of SPME, which is permitted to be used, on a construction site is, at the time of its use, labelled in a legible and conspicuous manner with the appropriate identification code as shown in Table A.3 in Annex A.


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