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Percussive Piling
Determine the Acceptable Noise Level (ANL)
- Sensitivity of Noise Sensitive Receiver (NSR)
  Normal NSR
  Sensitive NSR
- NSR window type
  NSR with windows or other openings but without central air conditioning system
  NSR (or part of NSR) with no windows or other openings
  NSR with central air conditioning system

Determine the total Sound Power Level
- Piling method and pile type   No. of unit
Sound Power Level

Determine the Corrected Noise Level (CNL) at the NSR
- Distance between the NSR and the pile location nearest to the NSR
- Effect of barrier / screening  
There is substantial barrier between NSR facade and all of the percussive piling
NSR is a building directly adjacent to the construction site such that none of the percussive piling will be visible from NSR
-Will the noise level be increased due to the confined or reverberant nature of the immediate locality of the construction site or the NSR
Yes No
CNL at
nearest NSR

CNL - ANL = dB(A)
The permitted hours of piling operation under a Construction Noise Permit shall depend on the piling method and the value of (CNL-ANL). See table on permitted hours of operation
Note: All calculations above are for quick reference only. The issuance of the Construction Noise Permit shall be subject to the result of technical assessment in accordance with the procedures in the relevant Technical Memorandum.

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