Quiet Renovation

Large-scale public surveys revealed that domestic renovation is the most disturbing type of environmental noise. The major source of high annoyance is the use of percussive tools such as electric breakers which often generate intrusive noise being transmitted through the concrete structure to many other residential flats of the same building. 

This video illustrates the renovation noise problems commonly encountered in high-rise domestic buildings and how they could be dealt with, through effective property management and the use of quiet tools. 

(Chinese Version Only)

What Property Management Bodies can do

Most property management bodies including the building management companies, owners corporations, etc are empowered under the Deed of Mutual Convenant to formulate relevant house rules to address noise problems arisen from renovation works. These rules could include good management measures such as restriction on the time duration for certain noisy activities or even the type of tools that might generate excessive noise. Further suggestions could be found in the Guidelines on Managing Quiet Renovation.


What Renovation Contractors can do

There are many quiet alternatives for common renovation processes that are not only quieter, but in most situations more efficient. These quiet tools perform with a better choice of moving parts or materials, and include the handheld coring machine, battery driven direct fastening machine, multi-blade chaser, handheld concrete / brick cutter etc. Further information could be found in the Guidelines on Quiet Renovation Tools. (Chinese version only)


What we are doing

We have embarked on a “Pilot Scheme on Quiet Renovation” since 2021 for promoting quiet renovation. A series of seminars and site demonstrations in 2022 and 2023 is being arranged for practitioners in the fields of property management and domestic renovation. Domestic estates are being engaged to participate in the Scheme which also includes the lending of hundreds of quiet tools for different types  and applications in various renovation processes. Further details of this Scheme could be found in http://www.quietrenovation.com.