Clink, Drink then Recycle

Clink, Drink then Recycle


The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) launched the “Clink, Drink then Recycle” glass bottle recycling programme in October 2015 to further extend the recycling network to restaurants and food premises located in shopping malls and commercial buildings with a view to promoting glass bottle recycling to the food and beverage sector such that they can separate their glass bottles properly at source and adopt the “clean recycling” practice. Currently, there are 18 major shopping malls and commercial buildings to join the programme.

The programme targets mainly on beverage glass containers but will also accept other cleaned glass containers. The participating shopping malls and commercial buildings will help separate the waste bottles at source and store centrally. Our contractor will then deliver the collected glass bottles to competent local recyclers, who will turn them into glass cullet as a substitute for river sand, which is used as engineering material for the production of construction materials such as eco-pavers.

This programme can help restaurant operators and their staff to learn about the glass bottle recycling, thus helping them to adopt good working practice preparing for the future implementation of the PRS on glass beverage containers as well as municipal solid waste charging to achieve "waste less, pay less".

List of Participants (in alphabetical order)

-  Exchange Square
-  Gateway Arcade
-  Hysan Place
-  Jardine House
-  Landmark Alexandra
-  Landmark Atrium
-  Landmark Chater
-  Landmark Prince’s
-  Lee Garden One
-  Lee Garden Two
-  Lee Theatre Plaza
-  Ocean Centre
-  Ocean Terminal
-  Olympian City I
-  Olympian City III
-  Times Square
-  Whampoa Gourmet Place
-  WTC Mall


Launching Ceremony

Launching Ceremony Launching Ceremony


Press Release

Press Release(1)

How to Participate

Shopping malls and commercial buildings interested in joining the programme may contact the EPD for more details (email: enquiry@epd.gov.hk)



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