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Millions of boxes of mooncake are consumed every year, generating considerable amount of waste such as metal containers and other packaging materials. To provide guidance and help to mooncake manufacturers in introducing environmental considerations in their packaging design, the Environmental Protection Department ("EPD") issued the "Environmental Guidelines on Mooncake Packaging Design" in 2005. By adopting environmentally friendly packaging, mooncake manufacturers will be able to provide add-on value for their products through optimising the various factors during the design stage, such as environmental protection, hygiene, shelf-life, transportation, appearance, brand image and costs. 
To promote environmental management of packaging materials, the EPD first invited mooncake manufacturers to sign the Voluntary Agreement on Management of Mooncake Packaging in 2008 which expanded progressively to include the major local mooncake manufacturers. Under the agreement, the participating manufacturers commit to conserving resources through better design and production processes, facilitating the re-use and recycling of used packaging materials, and minimising the adverse environmental impact arising from the disposal of used packaging in their manufacturing and retail operations. In particular, the mooncake manufacturers will:
  • Contain the use of packaging materials per unit weight of mooncake to the level of the year in which the Agreement was signed, and endeavour to further reduce packaging materials to practicable limit;
  • Adopt packaging materials that are recyclable and with minimum environmental impact on post-consumption management; and
  • Support and facilitate recovery and recycling of used packaging materials. 

Workshop on Management of Mooncake Packaging

To further strengthen the environmental management of the mooncake packaging, the EPD organized a Workshop on the Management of Mooncake Packaging on 25 June 2010 to update the trade on the development in green packaging and printing and the good management practice for mooncake packaging as well as to share some green tips on environmental-friendly mooncake packaging.

Latest Development

Since 2013, following the targeted publicity and education through the Voluntary Agreement, the EPD has been closely monitoring and assessing the eco-friendliness of packaging methods of local mooncake products through periodic surveys and continuous improvement in environmental performance of the sector has been observed over the past years.  Meanwhile, the "
Environmental Guidelines on Mooncake Packaging Design"  will continue to be a relevant benchmark for the sector to follow.

Recycling of Mooncake Packaging Materials

Apart from the efforts made by the mooncake manufacturers to reduce waste at source, active participation of the public in the recovery of mooncake packaging materials is indispensable. Public may return mooncake packaging materials for recycling through the following programmes: 

    Source Separation of Domestic Waste


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