Partnership Programmes



Partnership Programmes

With the assistance of Environmental Protection Department (EPD), different sectors of manufacturers and suppliers have voluntarily organised and funded the following recycling programmes.

1. Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme   Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme

A lot of everyday products contain rechargeable batteries. And while it helps the environment to re-use batteries, the benefits don't extend to disposal. Rechargeable batteries contain materials that can be hazardous to people and the environment. They also contain valuable materials that can be recovered. The best solution is to recover the batteries and recycle them. It's never been easier to recycle your batteries. The trade with the assistance from EPD has implemented the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme since April 2005. Public collection points have been set up. So when your rechargeable battery finally dies, don't throw it away. Recycle it!

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme

2. Computer Recycling Programme  Computer Recycling Programme

Computer Recycling Programme

It is estimated that there are over 6 million computers and computer accessories in use in Hong Kong and about one fifth of them are replaced each year. Although most of the discarded computers and their accessories are recycled/reused through the second-hand market, a small fraction still end up in landfills.Computer equipment contains materials that can be harmful to people and  the environment. You can help avoid generating  computer  waste by not replacing your computer casually. If replacement is necessary, your used computer should be reused and recycled as far as possible. Computers contain components and materials that can be recovered, such as metals and plastics, and some old computers can be repaired and put to second-hand use. The trade with the assistance from EPD has implemented the Computer Recycling Programme since January 2008. Public collection points have been set up. Over 1,200 housing estates and industrial and commercial buildings throughout Hong Kong have joined the Computer Recycling Programme. A free collection service will be provided to participating estates and buildings every four to six months.

3. Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme   Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme

Fluorescent lamps (compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes) reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, some components can be recycled. The lamps contain metal, glass and tiny amount of mercury. The mercury is well within international safety limits, but since mercury is a toxic substance, care should be taken during the collection and disposal of the used lamps. To this end, the trade with the assistance of EPD has implemented the Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme since March 2008. Public collection points have been set up. The programme is only applicable to residential buildings. Over 1,100 housing estates have joined the Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme and enjoyed a free collection service.

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme


4. Glass Container Recycling Programme for The Hotel Sector    Glass Container Recycling Programme

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has been exploring practicable means to recover used glass containers for environmentally sound recycling in partnership with different sectors. With the support of the Hong Kong Hotels Association and the EPD and the participation of 11 hotels, the Glass Container Recycling Programme for the Hotel Sector was first launched in November 2008 to help the trade to reduce waste disposal and ensure that the glass containers generated are managed in an environmentally friendly way. Currently, the hotels participating in the programme have increased to 48.

Glass Container Recycling Programme - Hotel Sector

5. Glass Bottle Recycling Programmes for Housing Estates

To allow more people to participate in source separation of glass bottles and to promote glass bottle recycling in Hong Kong, the Environmental Protection Department has joined hand with the Hong Kong Housing Authority to launch a recycling programme on Source Separation of Glass Bottles at public rental housing estates as well as partnered with the property management companies to set up glass bottle collection points in private housing estates serving the local residents.

Glass bottles recycling logo

6. "Clink, Drink then Recycle"

To further promote glass bottle recycling to the food and beverage sector, the Environmental Protection Department launched the “Clink, Drink then Recycle” glass bottle recycling programme in October 2015 to assist the restaurants and food premises in shopping malls and commercial buildings to recycle their glass bottles paving way for the implementation of the mandatory producer responsibility scheme in future. The participating shopping malls and commercial buildings will assist in source separation of their glass bottles to facilitate the collection and recycling work.

Glass bottles recycling logo


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