Guidelines & References

Grease Trap Waste Disposal Control

Disposal of Grease Trap Waste at the Grease Trap Waste Treatment Facility (GTWTF) in the West Kowloon Transfer Station

With the commissioning of the GTWTF, the disposal arrangement of grease trap waste is streamlined to facilitate the trades’ operation and simplify the collection arrangement.

Any grease trap waste collector can simply open a disposal account once with the West Kowloon Transfer Station for subsequent disposal of grease trap waste at the GTWTF. Grease trap waste collectors are not required to submit the delivery records at the GTWTF. Instead, a receipt ticket with transaction data will be issued for each grease trap waste vehicle when leaving the station. The receipt ticket can be used to substantiate their arrival information and net weight of disposed grease trap waste at the disposal facility.


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