Guidelines & References

Control on Import and Export of Waste


Management of Illegal Shipments

Illegal shipments of controlled waste, once intercepted, would be returned to the country of origin as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements of the Basel Convention.  In this regard, EPD would liaise with the competent authorities of the states of export and pass to them all relevant information and documents related to the returned shipments:

(a) Shipment details

(b) Shipping documents

(c) Types of waste intercepted

(d) Particulars of the exporter (as revealed by the importer)

EPD would provide the competent authorities with information on the types of waste intercepted and other information, including shipping documents and shipment details.  In addition, particulars on the exporter and the waste generator obtained from local importer would also be provided to the competent authority of the state of export for follow-up.


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