PRS on Glass Beverage Containers

Glass Management Contractors (GMCs)

The collection services provided by the Government-appointed GMCs are free of charge. If you want to set up a glass bottle collection point, please approach the respective GMC of your region for the collection services required.  The contact details of the GMCs are as follows:





Hong Kong Island (including Islands District)

Baguio Waste Management & Recycling Limited

8100 2541


Hong Kong Glass Reborn Limited

2116 8648


5107 1405)

The New Territories

Baguio Waste Management & Recycling Limited

8100 2541


EPD's Recycling Stations (formerly known as Community Green Stations) and Recycling Stores also accept waste glass containers at the facilities (see the link below for the addresses).

In addition, Recycling Spots operate and accept glass containers at specified time slots. Please see the link below for operating hours and addresses of Recycling Spots.

For any enquiries about glass container collection service, please call our Hotline at 2838 3111.