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The Government announced the “Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035” in February 2021. Setting out the vision of "Waste Reduction‧Resources Circulation‧Zero Landfill", the blueprint outlines the strategies, goals and measures to tackle the challenge of waste management up to 2035.

Under the vision, the Government will work with the industry and the community to move towards two main goals. The medium-term goal is to gradually reduce the per capita MSW disposal rate by 40-45% and raise the recovery rate to about 55% by implementing Municipal Solid Waste Charging, while the long-term goal is to move away from the reliance on landfills for direct waste disposal by developing adequate waste-to-energy facilities.

To achieve the above goals, the Government will promote six major areas of action, namely Waste Reduction, Waste Separation, Resources Circulation, Industry Support, Innovation and Cooperation, and Education and Publicity, leading the advancement of various policies and measures as well as building a circular economy and a sustainable green living environment.

Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035


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