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Food Waste

Food Waste Management in HK
There is approximately 3,600 tonnes food waste produced in Hong Kong every day. About one third of them originates from commercial and industry (C&I) sector, and the remaining comes from households, representing 12% and 23% respectively of the municipal solid waste generated in Hong Kong. In recent years, the amount of disposal food waste from C&I sectors has been increasing, from 400 tonnes in 2002 to 1,274 tonnes in 2016.


Food WasteThe disposal of food waste, an organic waste which decomposes easily, to landfills is not sustainable as it leads to rapid depletion of the limited landfill space and formation of green house gases such as methane, and wastewater at landfills, imposing severe burden on our environment. The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) plans to develop the Organic Resources Recovery Centre (ORRC) in phase. The ORRC will adopt biological technologies – composting and anaerobic digestion to stabilize the organic waste and turn it into compost and biogas for recovery. The first phase of the ORRC (ORRC1), with a daily treatment capacity of 200 tonnes of source separated organic waste, is located at Siu Ho Wan.  Its testing and commissioning is in progress and it will be commissioned in 2018.



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Tuesday, 10 July, 2018