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Refuse Transfer Service for Private Waste Collectors

Time=$$=More Business Opportunity

In the past private waste collectors had to travel a long way from the urban area to landfills to dispose of the waste collected. They may even suffer serious delays because of the unfavorable traffic conditions, which adversely affect their business. When the development of the refuse transfer station (RTS) network was taking shape in 1997-1998, we opened by stages some of the RTSs to private waste collectors to reduce haulage distances as well as to provide a more efficient private waste collection service to the public.  We opened Shatin Transfer Station in March 2015 for use by private waste collectors.  Currently there are a total of 7 refuse transfer stations/facilities which are providing refuse transfer service to private waste collectors.

It is no doubt that the waste collectors will experience the difference and realize the benefit of the service to their waste collection business if they use the transfer service. In particular, they need not to travel a long distance for each waste load. The turn-around time will very much be reduced.  They can provide a more efficient waste collection service to their clients and increase their competitiveness in the market.  Apart from time saving, the clean condition of the RTSs in general provides a desirable working environment to waste collectors. Indeed, this will result to lower maintenance costs for their vehicles, e.g. tyres.

The transfer service, which reduces the total haulage distance of the waste collection vehicles, has brought great benefit to our environment in reducing emissions and hence nuisances to the community.

To use the Refuse Transfer Service


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