Consultation on water quality criteria for HATS

21 June, 2002

As part of an ongoing study to identify the way forward for improving water quality in Victoria Harbour, the Government is now seeking views from different sectors, particularly from academic institutions, green groups and professional bodies, on a set of proposed water quality criteria.

Four different options were put forward by an independent international panel of experts in November 2000, for bringing a higher level of treatment for sewage generated in the harbour area.

"The impacts of these options are to be evaluated in terms of the environmental acceptability of discharging treated effluent into the receiving water bodies, principally the harbour waters," a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Department said today (June 21).

"It is thus necessary to develop the water quality criteria against which the impacts of the different options can be evaluated."

A consultation document, entitled "Harbour Area Treatment Scheme: Moving Forward", has been issued and uploaded to the website at http.//info.gov.hk/cleanharbour/.


Technical discussions with academic institutions, green groups, professional bodies and other groups will soon be organised by the study consultant, CDM International Inc.

Any person who has views on the proposed water quality criteria is welcome to send comments by July 27, 2002 via email to hats@cdm.com.hk, by fax to 2424 9114 or by post to the HATS Project Team, CDM International Inc, 4305 - 4312 Metroplaza Tower I, 233 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong.