Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses


7. Don't overload your STS by discharging more than your STS can handle.

You should ensure that your STS has adequate capacity, especially before letting your house as a holiday bungalow. If necessary, seek specialist advice.

Overloading will lead to flooding or overflow


4 Ways to Prevent Overloading your STS and Save Water

  • Do not waste any water; use water sensibly
  • Do not flush your toilet unnecessarily
  • Take a brief shower instead of a bath
  • Use washing machine only when fully loaded

Don't deposit any solid waste other than human toilet waste and a small amount of soft toilet paper into your STS. Put all other waste into a garbage bin. Fit a screen at every sink, wash basin and floor drain. Screens fitted at all drain openings and vent pipes also help to control vermin.

Keep a waste bin in your toilet

9. Don't deposit excessive oil or chemicals into your STS. Oil will clog up pores in the soil around the soakaway pit. Chemicals are generally toxic to the environment and kill the bacteria (naturally occurring in the STS and the soil) which help to remove the polluting matters in the wastewater.

Picture Showing waster that should be disposed of as refuse.

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Tuesday, 18 September, 2018