Guidelines for the Design of Small Sewage Treatment Plants

6.1 STP should be regarded as potential source of nuisance to the resident and the public, and therefore due consideration should be given to the minimization of odour, noise and safety problems.
6.2 STP should be sited with good buffering distance from houses, or enclosed to minimize adverse impact. Open STP should be fenced off to keep away trespassers.
6.3 Due consideration should be given to odour problem from STP. Ventilation exhaust pipes should be taken to roof level, or else odour treatment or masking facilities may be required (e.g. activated carbon, peat filters etc.).
6.4 To minimize noise problem from STP, the designer should consider the use of silencers, sound barriers, anti-vibration mounting and blowers with motors of low r.p.m. (not exceeding 1 000 r.p.m.). Provision of an air blower is discouraged. Alternatively, use of submersible ejectors should be considered which would result in quieter operation. The intake and exhaust grills of the ventilation system should also be designed properly to reduce the whistling noise and should not point towards nearby buildings. Reference should be made to 'A Practical Guide for the Reduction of Industrial Noise' published by this Department.
6.5 STP should be designed to minimize visual impact. Landscaping with bushes and trees is encouraged, but not in places where the leaves may fall into the tanks.

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Thursday, 6 September, 2018