A Guide to the Water Pollution Control Ordinance

Application for a Licence
11. A licence granted under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance should be obtained before a new discharge is commenced. Application form (Form A) for the licence is available free of charge at any one of the Regional Offices of EPD (Please see Annex 2) or you may visit the EPD Website to download. The applicant should submit the completed application form, together with the three most recent water bills or estimated water consumption information to a Regional Office of EPD. The applicant should also submit copies of Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation where appropriate. EPD may request the applicant to submit copies of other related documents when necessary (e.g. drainage layout plan). The applicant must pay the appropriate licence application fee.
12. The applicant must be the person who makes or authorizes the discharge or the owner or occupier of the premises from which the discharge is made.
13. DEP may grant a licence for a discharge under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance. Licences are generally valid for 5 years, except those for domestic septic tanks, which are normally valid for the tank's useful life or until the concerned premises has been connected to the communal sewers provided in the vicinity.
DEP has the power to refuse to grant a licence for a discharge if:-
A. he considers that the attainment and maintenance of water quality objectives will not be or not likely to be achieved; or
B. he considers that the discharge will or is likely to endanger public health, will be harmful to the sewerage or drainage system or will be harmful to the health or safety of the operation or maintenance staff.
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