Water Conservation

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Reclaimed water

For Hong Kong, apart from water sourced from Dongjiang of Mainland China and from local yield, reclaimed water could be regarded as a new supplementary water source. Reclaimed water is produced by the further purification/disinfection of secondary effluent which has been sufficiently treated for acceptable discharge into the marine environment. Instead of being discharged into the environment, effluent is further treated, cleaned and reused. As a result of further advanced treatment, effluent now becomes revitalized into a new reusable resource.

The EPD conducted studies on reclaimed water in the 1980s. In late 2008, the EPD and the DSD have jointly completed a 2-year trial "Demonstration Scheme on Reclaimed Water Uses in the North District”. The trial applied advanced membrane filtration technology and disinfection to further enhance the quality of the effluent from the treatment plant. The reclaimed water is used for voluntary demonstration programmes in schools, elderly homes and village houses for flushing, watering, and other non-drinking purposes.

This initiative forms one of the key components of the Total Water Management programme (TWM) being implemented by the HKSAR Government.

“Demonstration Scheme on Reclaimed Water Uses in the North District”

  • Construct Reclaimed Water Treatment Facilities within Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works;
  • Deliver reclaimed water to designated users (village house, schools, elderly home) via pipeline or water tanker as appropriate for toilet flushing, irrigation and water features;
  • Since late 2006, supply reclaimed water to users for about 12 months;
  • Monitor water quality and users’ feedback closely to ensure reclaimed water is both safe and sound for use;
  • Demonstrate and promote the suitability and acceptability of reclaimed water; and
  • Review collected information to pave way for future reference.

Construct treatment facilities, Deliver reclaimed water via pipeline, Designated Users, Demonstration & promotion, Collect technical information

Video Clip of Reclaimed Water Uses in the North District (10.1 Mb)

Video Clip of Reclaimed Water Uses in the North District (10.1 Mb)



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