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Beach Pollution Response Plan

Pollution incidents such as breakdown of sewage pumping or treatment facilities, overflow of sewage, outfall damage, or illegal discharge of high-strength commercial or industrial wastewater, etc., may result in a sudden discharge of a large quantity of raw or partially treated sewage in the catchment area of a beach. Depending on the circumstances, the discharged sewage may cause serious pollution to the receiving beach water body, rendering it unsuitable for swimming.

A Beach Pollution Response Plan has been formulated by the government in summer 1997 to tackle this sort of beach pollution incident effectively. The plan sets out the required emergency responses and actions to be followed by concerned departments and parties.

In the event of a pollution incident which may render a bathing beach to become unsuitable for swimming, the government will coordinate immediate actions from concerned departments (Environmental Protection Department, Drainage Services Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, etc.) to tackle the pollution incident and to make a quick decision on whether the beach should be closed temporarily to protect public health.

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