About Us

In the past years, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) received a substantial number of complaints about pollution caused by vehicle repairing workshops, particularly about those located within residential areas.

With a view to promoting the environmental awareness of practitioners in the vehicle repair trade, EPD has since year 2000 collaborated with the Hong Kong Vehicle Repair Merchants Association and the Environmental Vehicle Repairers Association in implementing a collaborative partnership programme. The objectives of the programme are to encourage trade practitioners to participate in environmental protection activities through closer communication; and to provide generic guides to the trade on pollution abatement measures so as to reduce pollution and to improve the environment.

By developing a positive culture in environmental management, vehicle repair workshops are able to promote their professional images, to provide a healthy working environment for their staff, and to contribute to environmental protection.

The aims of this dedicated website are to promote green garage practices, to provide generic solutions of the pollution problems, and to disseminate environmental legislative requirements and compliance assistance information, such as, new environmental technologies, seminars, workshops, waste collectors and contractors list to the trade.

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