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Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan metropolis that embodies both Eastern and Western traditions. Due to its rich cultural diversity, the city offers a wide variety of international cuisines which are served in more than ten thousand restaurants and food outlets.

By establishing an effective and long-lasting environmental management culture, the restaurants can improve their own images and provide better working conditions for their employees, as well as help reduce pollution and thereby contribute to the betterment of our environment.

Hong Kong Night Scene

In order to protect Hong Kong's environment, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), apart from enforcing environmental legislation, has launched since 2000 the "Partnership Programme" which aims to encourage different business sectors to comply with local environmental laws and to take actions to prevent pollution.

In the restaurant and food business sector, the EPD has collaborated with the related trade associations and representatives to develop various publicity, educational and technical options to help solve the common pollution problems that restaurants are facing and to raise their environmental awareness.

One of the EPD's efforts in helping local restaurants address their pollution problems is the development of this dedicated website to promote green restaurant practices, disseminate environmental legislative requirements and compliance assistance information (e.g. licence application, new technologies, consultant/contractor list) concerning the restaurant trade.

You are welcome to contact us at enquiry@epd.gov.hk to provide comments and suggestions on how best this website can help the local restaurant trade to contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong's environment.

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