Green Procurement

  • High Recyclability, Better Utility
  • Reduce Water Consumption, Go for Resources Conservation
  • Higher Energy Efficiency, Lower Operation Cost
  • Less Toxic Substances, Cleaner & Fresher Workplace
  • Green Procurement for Better Environment

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What is Green Procurement?

Green Procurement means purchasing products and services that cause minimal adverse environmental impacts. It incorporates human health and environmental concerns into the search for high quality products and services at competitive prices.

As early as year 2000, the Government amended its procurement regulations to require bureaux and departments to take into account environmental considerations when procuring goods and services. Specifically, bureaux and departments are encouraged to avoid single-use disposable items, and purchase products:

  • with improved recyclability, high recycled content, reduced packing and greater durability;
  • with greater energy efficiency;
  • utilizing clean technology and/or clean fuels;
  • which result in reduced water consumption;
  • which emit fewer irritating or toxic substances during installation or use; or
  • which result in smaller production of toxic substances, or of less toxic substance, upon disposal.

Current Government Green Procurement Practice

For the purchase of common user items, the Government has adopted green specifications as "MANDATORY" requirements in the tender specifications when the items are available on the market with adequate models and quantities in supply.

Green specifications as 'MANDATORY', Adequate market availability of items meeting the green specification

For new green specifications developed with uncertain market availability, the green specifications will be included in the tender specifications as "DESIRABLE" features. Tenderers are invited to indicate in their offers whether their items can comply with these green features and, where appropriate, to submit supporting documents for verification.

Green specifications as 'DESIRABLE', Uncertain market availability of items meeting the green specification

The tender assessment panel will evaluate tender offers which can meet the mandatory requirements and recommend either the lowest conforming offer or the highest scoring conforming offer for acceptance. Where there are two or more lowest conforming offers which are identical in all respects, the one which could meet the desirable green specifications could be given the preference.

  Product A Product B Product C
Price $ $$$ $ $
Mandatory Green Specification 1
Desirable Green Specification 1 X X

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Did you know

  • Tissues made with 100% recycled fibre reduce 54% production energy
  • LEDs Save 35% - 65% electricity consumption
  • 1 ton of garbage emit 111kg of CO2
  • Decomposition Time, plastic bag 30 years, tin can 50 years, foamed plastic buoy 80 years, glass bottle 1 million years
  • Water faucets with corrosion resistant metal parts live longer
  • Packaging causes great landfill burden
  • Products with VOCs threaten your respiratory system
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