Environmental Audit - A Simple Guide


This Simple Guide to Environmental Audit aims to help organizations conduct environmental audits in an effective and efficient manner. It is also a useful supplement to the Environmental Audit training video - "The Key to a Successful Environmental Audit" - jointly produced by the Environmental Protection Department and the Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau.

The Guide consists of 4 chapters. Chapter 1 provides a brief conceptual overview of the environmental audit process. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 cover the key elements involved from the planning of the audit to its execution and following up in a step-by-step format. This reference tool will lead users through the whole audit process to its successful completion.

This guide is designed so that the explanatory notes, practical tips, references to sample checklists and protocols are put under the following representative collection of "Icons":

Image of Tips and HintsTips and Hints Imageof Proceed with CautionProceed with Caution
Image of InformationInformation Image of Pitfalls to AvoidPitfalls to Avoid
Imageof ResourceResource  

The appended sample checklists and protocols are for reference only. They are divided into three sections. The first section contains questionnaires and checklists for completion by the "Audit Site Facilitator" in the pre-audit phase. The second section comprises a series of legislative compliance audit protocols for use by "Internal Auditors" during the on-site audit. The third section includes suggested contents of the audit report and a framework for audit follow-up.

As each audit site will have its own unique characteristics, it is essential that the "Internal Auditors" assess the applicability of the checklists and protocols and make amendments where necessary. It will also be the responsibility of the "Internal Auditors" to update the legislative compliance audit protocols to reflect the latest developments in legislation.

This Simple Guide was adapted from the Environmental Protection Department's Environmental Audit Manual and the Environmental Audit Training Manual which were produced with the help of an expert consultant. Any site-specific environmental audit undertaken with the use of this reference tool should be the sole professional responsibility of the "Internal Auditors". The Environmental Protection Department WILL NOT take any responsibility as the provider of this reference Guide.

Hints for Users:

  1. This guide is intended for those who have completed some form of basic training or have previous working experience on environmental audit. Users without prior exposure on this subject are encouraged to attend a course on environmental audit before undertaking the process.

  2. Users are encouraged to read through the document to familiarize themselves with the audit process before commencement.

  3. As each audit site has its own unique set of conditions, the sample worksheets should be used as reference material only. Users are recommended to make modifications and adaptations that suit their own needs.

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