Environmental Audit - A Simple Guide

Following up an Environmental Audit


Photo of resourceImage of Develop Action Plan

Upon endorsement of the Audit Report, an Action Plan with the appropriate targets and objectives for environmental improvement may be developed in consultation with audit site senior management.

An action plan should cover:

  • Action objectives;
  • Specific actions required;
  • Responsible party(ies);
  • Budget allotted; and
  • Implementation program

Image of Implement Action Plan

Responsible party(ies)to undertake actions according to the allotted budget, and the agreed timescale for completion.

Image of Checking and Monitoring

To monitor progress of Action Plan implementation, a status report should be carried out and should include information on:

  • Progress of action(s) undertaken
  • Problem(s) encountered when action(s) taken
  • Proposed solution(s) and revised timescale for completion

Image of Review Action Plan

Review the Action Plan upon completion of Action Plan implementation.

Key points to review include:

  • Review results of action plan implementation
  • Establish levels of performance improvement achieved
  • Address possible need for changes to Green management policy, objective(s) and procedure(s)
  • Next audit scope and schedule


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