Environmental Audit - A Simple Guide

Planning an Environmental Audit

ImageAny premises that wishes to conduct an environmental audit must have a clear idea of the objectives of the exercise and the steps required to achieve it. Before commencing an environmental audit, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

Image of Tips & HintsImage of Commitment

  • Obtain commitment at the Directorate level
  • Communicate commitment to personnel at all levels

Image of Tips & HintsPhoto of Define Audit Scope and Audit Site(s)

To include:

  • Audit site and boundary
  • Audit objective(s)
  • Areas of audit

Image of InformationAudit objectives typically entail:

  • Verification of legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Assessment of internal policy and procedural conformance
  • Establishment of current practice status
  • Identification of improvement opportunities

Areas of audit normally encompass:

  • Material management, savings and alternatives
  • Energy management and savings
  • Water management and economy of use
  • Waste generation, management and disposal
  • Noise reduction, evaluation and control
    (internal and external)
  • Air emissions and indoor air quality
  • Environmental emergency prevention and preparedness
  • Transportation and travelling practices
  • Staff awareness, participation and training in environmental issues
  • Environmental information publicity
  • Public enquiry and complaints response
  • Environmental management system set up, suitability and performance


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