A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

Appoint A Green Manager (Module 1)

A Green Manager is ....

A person appointed by top management to take responsibilities for the environmental performance of an organization.

Who should be the Green Manager ?
Examples from some organizations
Why do you need to appoint a Green Manager ?

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Who should be the Green Manager ?

A senior executive preferably at Director level, because he has

  • Sufficient influence and authority on the management's decision to implement the environmental policy effectively within the organization;
  • Sufficient familiarity with the operations of different departments within the organization;
  • Good understanding of the environmental pressures and issues relating to the organization.

Examples from some organizations

  • China Light and Power Co. Ltd. : The Environmental Manager
  • Dow Chemical Pacific : The Environment, Health and Safety Director
  • Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong Government: The Director of Department
  • First Pacific Davies : The Managing Director
  • Marks and Spencer : The Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Mass Transit Railway Corporation : The Chief Engineer (Operations)
  • Shell Hong Kong : The Advisor, Health, Safety and Environment

The Body Shop (Hong Kong) : The General Manager
(The above information is based on the results of " Friends of the Earth's Survey on Green Managers" conducted in 1994)


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