Green Managers in Business

How does a "Green Manager" contribute to my business success ?

A Green Manger can help in the following aspects :

  • Cost savings opportunities and increased competitiveness - Companies that are putting in place "green" measures find that these measures pay for themselves through cost-savings, and hence improve the competitiveness of the business.
  • Improve corporate image and market position - The association of the company's name and logo with events, publications and projects that are focused on protecting the environment can contribute to an improved corporate image and market position.
  • Business development and market entry - A good track record of environmental responsibility is increasingly important to operate business in new markets and overcome the " environmental barrier " to trade created by stricter environmental standards and new legislation.
  • Develop a sustainable industry - A Green Manager provides a contact point for sharing environmental information. It's also widely recognized in international business forum that the challenge of achieving sustainable development entails not just higher environmental standards and better environmental performance, but new ways of co-operating and learning from each other.



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Thursday, 9 May, 2019