Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified


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(Wholly Subsidiary of Henderson Land Group)

E Man Construction Company Limited (E Man) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Henderson Land Group.  It has been established in Hong Kong since 1973.  E Man is one of the leading building contractors and undertaking a wide variety of projects including private estates, industrial buildings, office towers, and large-scale shopping arcades in Hong Kong.

Reasons for Implementing ISO 14001

With the growing concerns on environmental protection and awareness, as one of the leading building contractors, our top management recognized that development and implementation of environmental management system would minimize the impact of the construction activities on environment.  In 2005, E Man set up the Environmental Management System based on the ISO14001:2004 standard and obtained certification successfully.

Benefits of the ISO 14001 Certification

Implementation of the Environmental Management System based on ISO14001:2004 has benefited E Man in following aspects:

Certification to ISO14001:2004 international standard by an independent third party provides greater credibility to our Environmental Management System.  It would enhance our public image as we are proactive in caring for the environment.


By implementation of the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System, various significant environmental aspects would be identified and tackled at the planning stage.  Hence, wastage of resources would be greatly reduced during the construction period.


Complying statutory requirements is one of the major principles of ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System.  This would increase environmental awareness of the staff and workers and drive them to comply with legislations more properly.  Up-to-date, E Man achieves clean record of environmental conviction.


Implementation of ISO14001:2004 standard requirements, E Man protects the environmental conditions inside and around the construction sites.  By the principle of continuous improvement, E Man hopes to eliminate pollution in the long run so that our generation can enjoy a pollution-free environment in Hong Kong.

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