Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified


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In 2001, the Group obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. In 2006, electronics products entering the European market will have to comply with strict environmental guidelines (e.g. RoHS). A few years ago, we have started working together with our multinational customers to ensure that our products will be in compliance with such new regulations.

In line with our environmental policy, we will continue our best effort in all levels. We invested 3 million to set up a Sewage Treatment Center in 2001 and reusing recycle water in toilets and flowering. Other measures included using environmental-friendly raw materials in products design, improving polluted air filtering system, using solar energy, reusing recycle materials, etc.

Measures taken on RoHS: 

  • Formed a "Green Merchandise Committee" by Logistics, Purchasing, Quality and Engineering Department
  • Sending questionnaire to supplier or sub-contractor
  • Checking the content of hazardous substances in existing materials
  • Issue corrective request to supplier
  • To terminate or substitute the materials that cannot meet the RoHS requirement
  • Make sure all shipped goods fulfilled the environmental standards on RoHS


Chan Wah Ying (Mr.)

Quality Director

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