Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

Casio Computer (Hong Kong) Limited

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CASIO Computer (HK) Ltd. is a loyal advocate of environment protection and active in developing its own environmental protection activities. To establish a professional image and improve the environmental performance, our top management set ISO14001 certification as an important goal of our Vision 2000 target. At the beginning, we organized an ISO 14001 committee to establish and implement CASIO Hong Kong's Environmental Management System(EMS). The newly established EMS thoroughly rationalized our environmental status, resources, energy usage and compliance with the environmental legislation & regulation.

According to the result of the initial environmental diagnosis and the actual conditions, an environmental policy was proposed and published. It was a positive direction for the environmental action going on within CASIO, with a clearly defined set of environmental targets and objectives to conform the policy. Broadly speaking, our environmental protection activities were based on "environmental Awareness", "Waste Minimize and Resources Save", "Green Design" and "Compliance with Law". Environmental Management Programs (EMPs) were carried out to achieve the objectives and targets.

Since implementing our environmental protection project, our employees have gained a clearly understanding of environmental concept, the electricity and resources saving in HK office and our China factory get much more than the setting up cost of the ISO 14001 system and treatment of pollution. We built up a strong and systematic documentation control system, and applied it to the ISO 9001 and 14001 management systems. We are proud of achieving our "Vision 2000" and will continue to face new challenges in future.

Mr. OHNO Osamu
Managing Director


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