Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified


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Yu Wing Construction & Investment Co., Ltd. (Yu Wing) is a main contractor. It certified against ISO14001:2004 for a year. As a responsible organization, Yu Wing is dedicated to protect human health, natural resources for the local and global environment, in accordance with our Environmental Principles. This dedication reaches further than compliance with the law to encompass the integration of sound environmental practices into Yu Wing's business decisions. Adopting these practices resulted in reduction in construction costs and uplifting company's image.
Our experience is based on the integration of risk-based cost-effective management practices into company activities with the aim of continually improving environmental performance, Yu Wing is committed to assess the environmental impacts of its activities in accordance with its environmental management programs, and to reduce these impacts through the establishment of appropriate objectives and targets.
Therefore, Yu Wing will strive to achieve the following objectives through continued execution of its Environmental Management System:
  1. Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements.
  2. Assign management responsibility for the environment in all area of the company and ensure that all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities for acting, while providing effective information and training to encourage individuals to contribute effectively.
  3. Practice effective prevention of pollution in accordance with a hierarchy giving top priority to waste prevention at the source, elimination or reduction of wasteful practices, and recycling.
  4. Maintain communications with our local community and cooperate with legislators, regulators and other organizations with an interest in our environmental performance.

In accordance with its Environmental Management System requirements, we hope to share our environmental experience to our employees and the public so that the environmental impact will reduce into minimum in our community. 

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