Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified



King Fung Metal Electronics Recycling Co. specializes in the handling, dismantling and recycling of metal products and electronic parts and vouches to provide quality services. With the advent of modern technology, large quantities of electronic, IT and the associated plastic products are disposed of each year. Toxic chemical substances from the electronic components as well as non biodegradable plastic wastes would cause great damages to the environment. Our company is committed to minimize such environmental impacts and air pollution, and to conserve valuable resources by providing environmentally-friendly recycling services

There are five phases in our recycling operation: collection, product categorization, dismantling, parts disintegration, specialized treatment. We have two well equipped workshops which can handle approximately 300 tonnes of materials every month.

King Fung will continual improve the recycling operation by adopting innovative technology. Our company has been audited by an accredited certificate body who issued an ISO14001: 2004 Certificate for our environmental management system. We will continue to comply with the standards set by the authority in providing our recycling services and to improve our environmental management system in future.

Law Sang
for King Fung Metal Electronics Recycling Co.

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