Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

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Kin Ip Manufactory Company was established in 1968. We manufacture and export wide varieties of high quality shirt accessories such as Collar Band, Collar Butterfly, Collar Stay and Hair Ornament Hanger, etc.

In December 2010, we are proud to obtain an environmental management system ISO 14001
accreditation. KIM is continuing to enhance businesses’ environmental performance through
effective management practices. We aim to create good environment through resource
conservation and reduction on pollution and waste. To achieve optimal performance, we have
implemented a series of ongoing carbon reduction initiatives described below:

I. Prevention and Reduction of Waste

a) Reduce Paper Usage

  • Promote “Use Less Paper” culture
  • Reduce photocopying, printing and using double-sided printing
  • Utilize e-mail to eliminate unnecessary photocopies and avoid unnecessary printouts
  • Receive incoming faxes electronically through an e-fax system, and make hard copies only when necessary using used paper or both sides of papers
  • Use of electronic communications to disseminate letters, notices, receive suggestions, etc.
  • Simplify daily operational procedures by eliminating, combining or reducing the size of
    forms, records and notices
  • Shortened email sign-off for all staff and use of e-cards
  • Use of electronic record keeping or documentations whenever possible
  • Purchase recycled paper for printing newsletters, brochures, leaflets, letterheads, etc.
  • Provide boxes to collect one-sided non-confidential paper documents for drafts or notepads and encourage staff usage
  • Place waste paper collection boxes to collect obsolete leaflets, newspapers, booklets etc. and arrange collection by recycling dealers

 b) Reduce and Reuse Stationery

  • Reuse office supplies such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, paper bags, plastic bags etc.
  • Reduce the use of box files by reusing them after documents are stored or converted to electronic files. This will eliminate future purchase of new box files.

II. Reduce Electricity Consumption & Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Install Environmental Friendly Lighting Device
    e.g. replace all existing T8 fluorescent tubes with T5 fluorescent tubes in the office and factory
  • Divide office into different areas to separately control the lighting and air-conditioning systems
  • Turn off lighting, air-conditioning units and office equipments when not in use (e.g. during
    lunch breaks)
  • Set office temperature at 25 oC in summer
  • Keep windows and doors closed when air-conditioning units are in operation
  • Switch off air conditioning units during winter and open air window for ventilation
  • Clean offices’ air-conditioning systems and dust filters regularly
  • Regular maintenance of office equipments and all electrical appliances
  • Use of digital cameras to reduce the use of photographic film, photo developing, printing and related packaging material. May select to print necessary photos when required.
  • Adoption of energy efficient office equipments
  • Minimize overtime work in office to reduce additional energy consumption
  • Keep track of the power consumption records and take measures to minimize the increment in power consumption

III. Organize Recycling / Green Related Activities

  • Set up waste separation and recycling facilities for materials such as waste paper, plastic material and chemicals
  • Organize recycling programs for paper, paper boxes, and plastic material etc.
  • Proper disposal and collect of chemical products

IV. Conduct Internal Scheme / Training

  • Promote environmental awareness among employees
  • Encourage staff to save energy by placing smart notices in the office
  • Provide trainings for the focus of carbon emission reduction and environmental protection


Michael Ho
General Manager


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