Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

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China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), which is mainly engaged in the design and construction of building, civil engineering and foundation works in the Hong Kong area, has defined environmental protection as one of our basic policies. It is the results of guidance from relevant government departments as well as united effort of al1 staff, making CSCEC to be amongst the first batch of ISO 14001 certified construction companies in Hong Kong.

Reasons for Implementing ISO 14001

The major reason for CSCEC to establish environmental management system and seek ISO 14001 certification is to systematize , standardize and specify the existing environmental protection works, in order to enhance the environmental standard of CSCEC 's construction business and fulfill the requirements of more and more customers and general publics on the corporate environmental performance. On the other hand, it is also to ensure the environmental protection works are in line with the corporate environmental policy, and demonstrate our commitment to the local community with respect to environmental protection. At the same time, we aim to pioneer environmental protection within the construction industry, so as to encourage other construction companies to implement ISO 14001, and contribute to "sustainable development".

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

The benefits arised from the implementation of ISO 14001 can be divided into two categories, namely the financial and communal benefits. The greatest financial benefit is the reduction of operational costs. ISO 14001 assists in reducing waste and consumption of resources (materials, fuels and energy), thus can cut down the expenses in resources and waste management. ISO 14001 can also assist in establishing and maintaining a highly efficient management framework, and driving CSCEC to comply more properly with the statutory requirements. On the other hand, ISO 14001 certification can enhance public image and credibility, and may also comply with customers' future requirements for contractors to have ISO 14001 certificate, thus improve its competitiveness and market shares. Being certified with ISO 14001, the staff not only increase in environmental awareness, they are also proud of being a member of CSCEC, this greatly enhance the staff's morale and sense of belonging.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation
Sun Wen Jie
Vice President
Corporate General Manager of Hong Kong Area
November, 1998

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