Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

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China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited is a subsidiary of China Overseas Holdings Limited and specializes in design and construction of multi-disciplinary construction projects, including building, civil, foundation and construction products projects. The Company is committed to the mission of "honoring contracts, ensuring high quality, setting reasonable prices and abiding by righteousness" and integrates the Environmental, Safety and Total Quality Management Systems into its long-term development strategy so as to enhance its operation and management, and better serve the community.

Why ISO 14001 EMS?

Environmental management is a systematic approach to environmental care in all aspects of business. Being one of the largest contractors in Hong Kong, China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited has, however, realized not only benefits of adopting environmental management system in financial terms (saving, production efficiency, penalty, market potential) but also risks of not adequately addressing environmental aspects (accidents, inability, legal non-compliance, negative image and reputation, loss of markets). ISO 14001 Environmental Management System can help us to approach environmental issues systematically and to integrate environmental care as a normal part of the Company's operation and strategy as well as to contribute to the sustainable development.

What are the Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification?

There are various benefits arising from the implementation of ISO 14001 EMS:

  • Financial Benefits - Reducing or eliminating pollution, waste and energy consumption by implementation of EMS can bring about important cost saving, and thus be more competitive. Common sustainable production opportunities are found in areas such as natural resources and energy efficiency, emission reductions, recycling or recovering value from waste, minimizing raw material usage etc.
  • Compliance - Implementing EMS can make environmental management systematization, standardization and formalization which can contributes to the environmental compliance with legal and contractual requirements and reduce or eliminate persecution and penalty.
  • Public Image and Credibility - Certification of EMS will strongly enhance public image and credibility of the Company, which benefits to the business of the Company.
  • Environmental Awareness - Being certified with ISO 14001 EMS, the environmental awareness of staff and public is greatly increased. Staffs are also proud of being a member of the Company, which greatly enhance the staff's moral and sense.
  • Business Benefits - Continuously improving the environmental performance of the Company by certification and implementation of EMS greatly enhances business opportunities of the Company.

Jerry Cao
Deputy Environmental Manager
China State Construction Engineering (HK) Ltd.


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