Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

Cementaid (Hong Kong) Limited

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Cementaid, originally established in Perth, Western Australia in 1954, incorporated Cementaid (Hong Kong) Ltd. in 1971, with full local manufacturing and supply services. The Cementaid Group is dedicated to helping produce better quality concrete, and a number of products unique to Cementaid are now accepted and used world-wide. We have specialized in original research, development and manufacture of reliable concrete performance-enhancing products for over 50 years, and have participated in many major public and private building and infrastructure construction projects.  The Company’s reputation for service and quality is well established, and is widely acknowledged.

Government regulatory requirements today reflect society’s increasing concern for quality of the environment, and environmental protection is especially important in the construction industry.  As one of the leaders in specialist concrete construction products, especially for waterproofing and long-term durability of structures, Cementaid strives to continually improve its contribution to the quality and sustainability of Hong Kong’s environment.

As part of its dedication to environmental improvement, the Company is committed to attaining and maintaining the award of the ISO 14001 certificate.  Following the successful establishment of the Environmental Management System (EMS), our staffs coordinate and cooperate to follow the same direction and objectives.  Through the monitoring and investigation scheme we ensure compliance with the environmental laws and regulations. We also provide ongoing training to our staffs, conduct regular cooperative reviews and periodic assessments of performance, and encourage sharing and exchange of important and related environmental information and messages, both internally between departments, and externally with our distributors and related parties.

During the time running the EMS, we have been encouraged to find that already we have begun to see signs of a number of benefits developing, directly and indirectly, not only for our company, but also for our staff, our customers, and for our fellow-suppliers and participants in the construction field in Hong Kong: Energy is being saved and resources being used more efficiently, and wastage is being significantly reduced; through participating in the EMS, our staff members’ interest and contribution to the Company’s quality and service goals are increased, along with their individual job satisfaction and general morale; and our Company’s goodwill in the construction industry has increased, and our credibility and reputation for quality has been enhanced.

We can see that the following of the EMS, and the maintaining of the ISO 14001 provisions, sets up a kind of ‘virtuous cycle’, whereby these benefits can become more established and more widespread; and we believe that through this, our work and activities can contribute to a steady improvement in the quality and sustainability of life and work in Hong Kong, nor only for ourselves and our customers, but for all.

Lindsay Aldred


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