Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd. -Transport Branch of Shared Services Department

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The Transport Branch is responsible for managing the entire fleet of the Company, ranging from vehicle design and modification, vehicle procurement and disposal, maintenance and repair to passenger transportation services in order to satisfy the business needs of the orgainsation.

Electricity is an indispensable part of modern life, yet one with implications for the environment. CLP Power is committed to supplying electricity not only reliably but also in accordance with regulations, in a way that meets Hong Kong's balanced environmental, economic and social needs.

At CLP Power, safety, health and care for the environment are core corporate values and are integrated into every aspect of its operations. At our transport operations, we constantly strive for excellence and have achieved the following:

  • Implemented ISO 9000 certified quality management system for our fleet management
  • As one of the first corporations in Hong Kong to introduce ultra low sulphur diesel to our fleet
  • Switched more than 170 work vans to using petrol in lieu of diesel since late 2000
  • Installed diesel oxidation catalytic converters on 30 diesel work vans
  • Introduced two state-of-the-art green 'hybrid' vehicles in 2001

We believe that the certification offers us the following benefits:

  • Endorsing our commitment to minimising the possible impacts of our activities on the environment
  • Independent verification of the effectiveness of our management systems and processes
  • Placing us on par with the best in the world

We will strengthen our integrated approach to safety, health and the environment, and continue to adopt best practices for continuous improvement.

Kenneth Lee
Transport Manager - Transport Branch of Shared Services Department
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


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