Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Benefits and Rationale to obtain ISO 14001 Certificate

Chu Wo has implemented environmental management system for several years in response to environmental concerns of construction industry. During the past years, Chun Wo used its best endeavor to improve the environmental performance and seeking for effective implementation of Environmental Management System.

ISO 14001 provides similar management philosophy with ISO 9001, which enable easier acceptance in company wide implementation. It provides environmental management framework for us to make clear direction and objective toward our environmental protection vision.

The implementation of ISO 14001 improves the communication between staff and enhances their management focus on relevant legislation requirements and the concern from general public so that the environmental impact can be eliminated from their operation of works.

More benefit gained by us is that the continual improvement mechanism. It enables us to monitor our environmental performance regularly and take initiate measures to improve our performance so that we can satisfy the current client's requirements & expectations.

Peter Kwan
General Manager (Compliance)


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