Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

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Benefits and Rational that Drive CLP Power Hong Kong Limited - Power Systems Business Group towards ISO 14001 Certification

CLP Power's commitment to excellent performance is underpinned by the company's mission as a world-class electric utility in Hong Kong. Back in 1999, its Power Systems Business Group (PSCB) already started a series of certification and international benchmarking initiatives, the effect of which is clearly evident in the business results. The process started with the Business Group (BG) reviewing and summarizing various information, which gave the company a detail overview of our existing processes and environmental performance, putting us against an international standard, which accelerated the company's improvement efforts through thorough self-assessment.

The proper documentation of legal regulations and company standards allowed us to formally address environmental risks and liabilities, which in turn made tracking of environmental issues and planning appropriate response much easier. An organized and structured management system gives more precise and planned actions that minimize potential crises and emergencies, while maintaining performance discipline.

After certification, certain principles and practices have raised the standards within our BG, which satisfied stakeholder requirements and enhances long-term business value. Some of these issues include: -

  • Prevent, minimize and control pollution, waste and energy use in core activities
  • Motivate continuous improvement and demonstrate due diligence through annual environmental improvement plans
  • Demonstrate management commitment in environmental management
  • Increase employee involvement and communication throughout PSBG
  • Increase communication with contractors and suppliers
  • Critically review and rectify identified problems
  • Provide a sound management system base for integrating other ISO systems
  • Reduce occurrence of incidents through regular communication and education to our staff
  • Achieve 100% compliance in environmental licensed parameters
  • Avoid the occurrence of major environmental incidents through regular monitoring and inspections
  • Provide recognition for the company
  • Initiate and increase care for the environment by employees and the public

Mr. M. K. Lee
Acting SHEQ Manager 

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