Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

Ben Fung Machineries and Engineering Limited and KONE Elevator (HK) Limited

ISO 14001 Certificate

Aiming at developing a more systematic environmental protection scheme and enhancing the awareness of the ideas, KONE Hong Kong applied for the ISO 14001 certificate as a commitment for the continuous contribution in promoting environmental protection.

The success in ISO 14001 accreditation for KONE has benefited the company internally and externally.

Internally, it helps to establish a clean working environment for the employees as well as reducing costs by eliminating wastes and non-value adding processes.

Externally, with the integration of environmental protection in the company management objectives, KONE can contribute to a more environmental care elevator and escalator industry. We hope to stimulate other industries to proceed with similar measures for the goodness of the general public.

LUN Kee Wah
Senior Manager, Human Resources Division


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