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Epson Hong Kong Limited

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Seiko Epson's Environmental Philosophy

Epson will integrate environmental considerations into its corporate activities and active strive to meet high conservation standards in fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

Environmental Policy of Epson Hong Kong Limited ("EHK"), Epson Electronic Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (" ETDS") and Infrasys (HK) Limited ("IHKL")

EHK, having its offices at Harbour Centre, service center at Trade Square and warehouse in Shatin, ETDS ( a wholly owned subsidiary of EHK) having its office at Nanshan, and IHKL (a subsidiary of EHK) having its office at Millennium City and warehouse at Hung Tai Industrial Building in Kwun Tong, (hereinafter collectively called "Epson"), carry out sales and after sale service of printers, scanners, multi media projectors, a comprehensive range of electronic components and consumable products, development and sales of Ponit-of Sales (POS) systems and provision of relevant after sale service, together with small scale design in LCD Module and LSI Circuit, placing the concept of "togetherness with nature" at the heart of our consciousness, and carrying out corporate activities based on "protection of the global environment and coexistence with the community".

Environmental Policy of Epson

Protection of the global environment and coexistence with the community

Mission Statement

Protect the environment, prevent pollution and save natural resources are our commitments. We shall strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance by implementing the following missions:

1. Complying with all the respective local environmental legislation and regulations and any other relevant requirements, Epson strives to prevent pollution.

2. Epson sets and utilizes environmental objectives and targets reflecting the various conditions of our business operations, and carries out reviews of these whenever necessary.

3. While considering technology and financial conditions, we are reducing the impact of the operations of our departments and products on the environment.The objective is to enhance all employees' environmental awareness to save natural resources by promoting the four "R" principles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace as follows: -
i. Energy conservation (e.g. reduction in electricity consumption)
ii. Minimizing use and Reuse of resources (e.g. reduction in use of paper)
iii. Reduction in waste produced (e.g. reduction by sorting /recycling)

4. Epson shall carry out regular internal audits/management reviews to ensure continual improvement of the environmental management system and environmental performance.

5. Sharing environmental information and contributing to regional and international conservation efforts.

6. As well as documenting this policy and communicating this policy with all our employees, we shall allow full access to it in response to any request from the public.

By the participation of every employee, we aim to carry out the above missions and bring about the realization of this environmental policy.


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Signed by Mr. Keizo Kitahara
Managing Director


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