Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

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Nicole Environmental Services Company Limited, a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, has been awarded the certification of an environmental management system to the international standards of ISO 14001 in April 2003. Our company is dedicated to provide environmentally friendly products and services in Hong Kong.

Through the new environmental management system, our company is committed to meet the requirements of local environmental legislation, serve the environmental concerns of our customers, and contribute ourselves towards protection of the living environment in Hong Kong.

Nicole has designed procedures and work instructions to reduce the environmental impacts arising from our offices and daily operations. The company has also implemented environmental programs in areas such as conservation of energy and resources, pollution prevention and waste reduction. Through these environmental programs, the company targets to continuously improve her environmental performance.

In Hong Kong, plastic represents more than 20% of the municipal solid wastes, and they occupy a lot of valuable spaces of our landfills. Nicole introduces from North America in 2000 a new technology, the "Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPATM)", which renders commodity plastic totally degradable. It relieves the "White Pollution" problems, as plastic can now degrade completely when subjected to sunlight, heat or mechanical stress within a short period of time interval. TDPATM not only reduces the amount of pollution to our environment, but also saves hectares of valuable landfill spaces, as a result extending the lifespan of our landfills.

Besides TDPATM, Nicole also supplies other environmentally friendly products for estates and buildings: "Light Eco" for conserving energy, "EcoKleen" for improving indoor air quality, and "FlusKleen" for improving water quality. Nicole will continuously look for other advanced technology to provide more innovative solutions for environmental problems.

Jennifer Kwong
Assistant Director
Nicole Environmental Services Co., Ltd.


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