Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified

KJ (H.K.) ElectronicsCo. Limited

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Nowadays, health and protecting the global environment are common desires of people in the world. We, KJ (H.K.) Electronics Co. Limited, as a responsible incorporation, have made integrating our business activities with global environmental preservation one of our highest operational priorities.

KJ's Environmental Policy: BUILD A "GREENER" WORLD -

"We promise to obey relevant environmental laws and regulations, to implement these policies of which including prevent pollution and continual improvement at environment, to achieve the environmental management goals by means of advocating environment protection consciousness, developing green product design, decreasing the usage of hazardous substances, reducing the waste, saving the energy and resources."

In particular, to comply with WEEE and RoHS directives in EU, we have produced and sold all of our products lead-free since 15 January 2005, and built strong relationships with our suppliers to join and support it continuously. This enhances our advantage in the electronic component market.

Qiao Xuesong (Ms.)
Vice General Manager
KJ (H.K.) Electronics Co. Ltd.

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