Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified


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Benefits and Rationale that Drive Chun Long Construction Limited to Gain ISO 14001 Certificate

The Chun Long Construction Limited has been certified under ISO14001 since 2003.This environmental management system (EMS) implemented for Chun Long has had a profound effect on how we manage environmental issues in the conduct of our business.The implementation of the EMS fulfills Chun Long's longed desire and social responsibility to achieve a better environment for Hong Kong, by equipping Chun Long with the necessary framework, procedures and tools to executive works in an environmental friendly manner.

Through implementation of the EMS by identifying significant environmental aspects on-site; by setting environmental objectives to be achieved; by defining clear staff responsibilities; by undertaking effective environmental control measures and inspection programmes; and through the increased environmental awareness of our staff, the number of adverse environmental incidents generated from Chun Long has been successfully kept to zero.Besides, our worksites become cleaner, more hygienic and therefore a lot more pleasing to the workers and the general public.

The above achievements help to improve Chun Long's company image which, in turns, fuels Chun Long's further business development in Hong Kong.More importantly, through achieving better environmental performance.Chun Long achieves higher scores in tendering of projects, which enables Chun Long to become increasingly eligible in getting project works in the highly competitive market conditions nowadays.

Peter Kwan
General Manager (Compliance)

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