Why ISO 14001 Certified? Answers from those who were certified


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Established in Hong Kong in 1982, CHEC completed over 100 government and private projects successfully with total turnover more than HK$8 billions. With our mission to deliver best quality services in a competent and timely manner, we provide excellent performance and high standard service to our clients. Beginning in 1986 with the initial landfill project promoted by the Hong Kong SAR Government, CHEC has been directly responsible for managing two out of the three landfill sites in Hong Kong.

CHEC has successfully awarded two contracts in Hong Kong to undertake the restorations of six closed landfill sites. CHEC works closely with the Environmental Protection Department to ensure high standard of environmental performance. We continued our effort in environmental improvement projects like the Environmental Improvement of Shing Mun River Stages 1 and 2. We aware that environmental protection is the basis to achieve better living conditions in Hong Kong.

Why implement ISO 14001?

We believed that the implementation of ISO 14001 would be an effective tool to establish a complete and well-organized Environmental Management System in our company. Thus, implementation of environmental protective measures would be systematic and effective.


With the implementation of ISO 14001, we find better environmental education and awareness of our staff as well as sub-contractors through our regular environmental trainings and talks. Besides, we find progressive decrease in wastage produced from our works activities. Moreover, a more comfortable working environment is established via reduction of noise and dust etc.

Sophia Lau
Environmental Manager


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